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A college planning ecosystem

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Planning and paying for Higher Education can be daunting task for families, and usually boils down to two questions:

Can my child get in to their dream school?

Can we afford it?

We’ve created a simple way for businesses and organizations to provide the answers to these questions to their valued clients, members, customers, employees or greater community.

Invite Education’s College Planning Center is a white-labeled, customized platform with an intuitive design that empowers families to manage the entire college planning process from Pre-K through 12th grade.

Your company can help families answer the two questions they should be asking about college:

Focusing on the greatest challenges; getting organized, gaining admission to the right school and knowing how to pay for it.


Admissions: Use our college comparison tools and prioritize the search process in one simple location.

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Funding: Our dynamic college savings calculator looks at the big picture AND all the details, helping families identify college costs, overcome shortfalls, and make plans to hit savings goals.

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Never Miss a Deadline:  The Invite Education calendar keeps all test dates, admissions and financial aid deadlines organized in one simple location with email reminders generated right through the account

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Credit Unions, Banks, Non-Profits and School Districts all benefit:

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